Restaurant Week: DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Restaurant Week in NYC

Featured Restaurant: DBGB Kitchen and Bar

Location: East Village, Manhattan

I had ALWAYS wanted to eat at a Boulud restaurant and found a friend from work who felt a similar calling. We chose DBGB because their lunch menu extends to the weekend, whereas most other participating restaurants limit lunch to weekdays. It’s such a shame that just this week Pete Wells gave Daniel a not-outstanding review, but I wasn’t going to be discouraged. Pete and I aren’t that close.

The back interior space where we sat was nice, very wooden and dimly lit for lunch. Our waitress was also spectacular. Very attentive and caring, yet she gave us our space. I get really annoyed when I think there’s a line crossed, i.e. when my water glass can never get drained more than inch. Let me have that satisfaction!  Sassiness aside, only after I ordered my meal did I realized that I was in for a meat-heavy lunch… pate…beef..confit pork belly… oh boy. Here we go.


Pate Grand Mere : Country style pate, chicken liver, pork, cognac

Nice way to start.  The plate came out with much more pate than I had expected; it put me to shame when the waitress asked if everything was all right with my meal, and I had to defend the tininess of my stomach. I also knew that skipping dessert was not an option so pacing was crucial.  The pate was really enjoyable. You could differentiate between the different meats and textures and it made for an interesting first dish. Check.

Main course:


The Frenchie Burger : 6 oz beef with confit pork belly, tomato onion compote, arugula, morbier cheese, peppered brioche bun

So Succulent.

I ordered mine medium-rare, and at my first bite, oily meat juice trickled out into my mouth. I know some people don’t like that feeling — I’m not one of them. Hence why I also LOVE Fuddruckers’ grass-fed beef burgers. Anyway, the cheese was a nice compliment (cow’s milk cheese from France), as it was mild and creamy. My biggest criticism about this burger is that the pork belly is hardly pronounced, and ..there was tomato onion compote? Good burger, but for the price? Idk Daniel. I know you can do better..

Last at bat:


Cherry Cinnamon Sundae : french meringue, caramelized almonds, roasted bing cherries, speculoos bisquit, whipped cream

I was between ordering this and the chocolate hazelnut cake. The latter sounds like my normal cup o tea, but I wanted to try something unexpected. The cherries were delicious and extremely sweet, and I liked the speculoos. But to be honest, I found the dessert a little bit lackluster, despite the many components. It felt like everything was drowning in sweet cherry sauce, and the  common thread was sugar, sugar, sugar. I wanted it to be more, something different. Maybe to have the almonds more caramelized and salted. Or almond whipped cream… dark chocolate bits.. something…

Overall, it was a pleasant lunch, but I feel like I got my Daniel fix out of the way for now. Maybe some other time, I’ll be able to try one of his fancier joints. Until then, I’ll stick to penny pinching. ;D