Je M’Appelle Jennifer


Hello, hello!

My name is Jen, and I am a home baker slash cook! Out of the two, I prefer baking just because my “sweet tooth” extends to my entire existence. If I could eat dessert all the time, then I would. Oh wait.. I do.

I am also an OXOnian where I work in Product Development. So you may now and again (most of the time) see me using OXO’s products; however, any opinions of the products are strictly my own. Jen Minkowitz ©.

My first culinary experience outside of home ec class was during high school, when I had been amazed by my friend’s special ability to make me instant mac n cheese. She was the best chef I knew.. besides my Grammy Grams. From then on, I decided that, poor genes aside, Lean Cuisines and canned Progresso had stunted my growth.  While I can’t fix that, I have nonetheless been adapting to new foods, recipes, tools, and techniques in order to broaden my skills and my palate. I value novelty. Also, I love things baked inside other things, like cookies inside cupcakes inside a pie #Gluttony

Anyone can learn their way around a kitchen with due time and diligence. ANYONE. Who actually wants to <- that part is key.


Grammy Grams!!! She has a bathing suit on. This photo’s not weird.

Lastly, if you’re bored, here’s My College Portfolio ! I like flowers..And that doesn’t make me soft.